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Chat n Chill is a social clan founded on the principle that Clash should be FUN! No need for egos, weird rules, donation minimums/ratios. Leave the freakin stress at work and come have fun again in a friendly & helpful environment! We war for the experience, challenge, and fun, but we absolutely bring it every time. Ill contact you in game in addition to posting here. And really, you should see my war attacks for a good laugh! Please let me know if we need to lower our trophy level.

We're a group of adults (21 ) looking for fun and active clan mates of ANY level! We are are looking for a few good warriors to join us! (Keep in mind i'm pretty low level, not too much advancement as of yet.)Hi NFB!

Ideal for honeymoons, romantic retreats, and bachelor and bachelorette parties, the adults-only vacation allows for a free, fun, and a quiet-when-you-want-it-to-be-quiet vacation. Pick your tropical paradise – Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Aruba, Antigua, Bahamas, St.

Lucia, Costa Rica, and other places splashing in the sun!

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Read More We know kids are awesome and in the end become adults, but sometimes an adults-only getaway is in order.

This is a site where guys too busy for real relationship go on to just talk with a girl.

Moreover, you can ask questions online anonymously on any topic and receive answers from the experienced community. Real people and real conversations are hard to come by, those you do find tend to leave the app for reasons mentioned above.

Coach Rudy is the founder of the ADHD Center for Success where he brings his passion and commitment to partner with ADHD adults to co-create successful experiences in their lives, their relationships and careers.

Rudy frequently presents seminars regarding adult ADHD and provides ADHD coaching services to ADHD adults and their partners.


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