Pau d arco stimulating or sedating

A wide variety of common and bizarre remedies have been used in cancer therapy, usually backed by either scientific findings or by credible case reports from holistic therapists and cancer victims who cured themselves.

Medical and official health experts warn against all of them and try to prevent and restrict their use, the more so, the more successful they appear to be.

Tumors can only grow by surrounding themselves with an area of inflammation.

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Glossary of Active Ingredients: AditrolĀ® is a proprietary blend of beta alanine, acacia extract and benfotamine, three ingredients known for their effects on energy metabolism, insulin regulation and glucose utilization.

Turmeric contains a mixture of phenolic compounds called curcumin, and a volatile oil with turmerone and zingiberene; cineole and other monoterpenes; starch; protein; and high amounts of vitamin A and other vitamins.

Mark Pederson says that turmeric relies on its volatile oil for its actions which include treatment of inflammations of the digestive system and reproductive system, folk remedy for hepatitis, flatulence, and spasmotidic dysmenorrhea, and production of enzymes in the liver that metabolize toxins in the liver in a manner similar to schizandra, licorice, and milk thistle.

Excessive amounts in the day are very sedating, AND/OR Herbal Combinations. (Common herbs in sleep combination pills include valerian root, hops, yams, wild lettuce, l -theanine, and others.) Prescription medicines: Zolpidem (Ambien) 10 mg 1 pill 30 min before bed (Use if your primary problem is getting to sleep.

It is short acting.) AND/OR Clonazepam (Klonopin) 1 mg .5 to 2 pills 30 min to 1 hour before bed. If you have both a falling and staying asleep problem try Ambien first.) Additional Options: See Sleep 101: The Basics for more information about sleep hygiene and additional herbal and/or prescription options for a Lyme disease treatment. Lack of adequate sleep worsens pain, increases fatigue, and suppresses the immune system.


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