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Joining other benefits claimants at St Albans job centre, Adams sat on a plastic chair, perhaps reflecting as he waited to speak to an adviser on his criminal heyday when his associates would stand when he walked into a room.In the old days, he might have mused, he would not have needed to explain himself.Even though the terms giclee, digital print, and inkjet print all mean the same thing and can be used interchangeably (and will be in this article), artists, publishers and galleries currently represent digital art in so many different ways that unless you know your terminology, printing processes and what questions to ask, figuring out what you're looking at can often be confusing.And when potential buyers get confused, especially if whatever they're looking at is priced more expensively than less, they tend not to buy.It does matter sometimes to people who are not art savvy and think that if there isn't a signature on the front the work is somehow suspect.Or they need an explanation why it's not on the front."Finally there's the issue of watermarking an image to prevent cyber misuse.Now, the artist has returned with a new project for the gallery, which focuses on a subject that has fascinated him for his entire career: meat. Pictured: Wild west 21 December On view in Phillips' Park Avenue galleries in New York from 3 January is a collection of 82 pictures by one of the most significant contemporary photographers of the great American West.

These are generally referred to as original digital photographs.Meat feast 23 December Early this year, pioneering online gallery One Shot launched by selling one-of-a-kind, museum quality prints from photographer Brian Finke to blind buyers, aiming to reclaim the mystery and fragility of analogue photography. The all-American’s iconic shots artfully combine documentary with a tinge of humour.Negatives are then destroyed to ensure that each piece is totally unique. This second edition is going on sale in early 2017.In several recent conversations with artists, the subject arose of where we sign our work. I sign my work on paper with my last name on the front in the conventional right hand corner.I sign my paintings with my full name on the back so as not to interfere with the edge-to-edge color field.Police and security services spent a decade and an estimated £50 million of public money trying to bring him down.


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