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Plus, following the ‘0 million divorce’, she’s reportedly planning on taking custody of their three girls. If Faith proved beyond shadow of doubt that Tim was dealing with an alcohol addiction and he cheated on her, the chances for her to win sole custody look very high.

Plus, they’ve been married long enough that even in addition to a prenup, proving that Tim cheated would lead to a significant uptick in the divorce settlement – at least, on her end.

Tim Mc Graw cheated on Faith Hill and now the couple heading for a 0 million divorce according to a recent report.

More often not, especially in Hollywood, a celebrity’s struggle with alcohol addiction and substance abuse comes with a side effect of cheating.

We can’t excuse their behavior, but musicians, especially, are responsible for this phenomenon. I mean, he’s out, he’s partying, he’s drunk, he’s famous – girls come up to him, and throw themselves all over him.

For example, the latest cover issue of Star Magazine suggests that Tim Mc Graw has been cheating on Faith Hill for many years, even as he struggles to stay sober. He should have enough self control to say no, but Star’s report claims that he doesn’t – and voila, divorce rumors start spiraling out of control.

He is seriously contemplating cutting his losses and ending the marriage for good.

Are you surprised to hear that these two are having issues?

On top of the world professionally, Faith Hill is happily wed to heartthrob Tim Mc Graw.

"Sure, she's a Grammy-winning glamour gal, but Faith Hill is just a working wife and mom at heart.

She's famous for her red-carpet style, but she's happiest in a T-shirt and jeans.

Here’s the thing though, the more Faith insists that there’s something between her husband and Taylor, the further she ultimately ends up pushing him away.

It’s at a critical point now where Tim is tired of feeling chained up and living life under Faith’s thumb.


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