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Pause) You've always been my favorite grandma." Woo-hoo! I've read that the truly artful grandma scammers have done a little research, sometimes found out the names of the actual grandchildren, maybe even their birthdays, or their parents' names. But this little dweeb hadn't even bothered and was hoping to deflect questions with aspersions on grandma's love for him. I have to say that as a grandma scammer, he wasn't very good. Mom and Dad didn't know I was going and they would just kill me. "I've learned my lesson." "Are you sure they won't take your medical insurance? There were dozens of specific questions I could have asked him that would have exposed him as a fake.Ramokgatla and his cousin Mthunzi Ramokgatla, 22, were each sentenced to three life terms for three counts of murder, to seven years each for robbery with aggravating circumstances, and to 15 years each for attempted murder.As she stood across the dock, holding on to the steel bar running across it, Letswalo said in a soft, calm voice that the family would visit them.“We will never see your cousins again, but we will try and come see you.”Shortly after walking out of the courtroom, Letswalo wept heavily, and struggled to get words out when asked how she felt about the court’s decision.

I went to Mexico for the weekend with some friends and got really sick. "Just tell me how I get the money to you" If one could hear a happy dance across optical fiber, this would have been it. " he gushes, that rasp in his voice temporarily gone. Burning questions consumed me for the rest of the day after this phone call.She is shorter, has extra facial features, a smaller, rounder head, wider hips, ears that now resemble Anais's, shorter light grey whiskers, grey eyebrows, and an overall grouchier appearance, implying she has aged further.In "The Choices" and "The Cycle", when she is shown at a younger age, she has slightly less wrinkles and black eyebrows, and she wears a yellow collared dress with a light brown vest.They drowned Movit's baby girl, Bokamoso Skhumbuzo Movit, and put their bodies in a bathtub filled with hot water.When Nthabiseng, 23, arrived home they stabbed her repeatedly.Betty's high school nemesis Kimmie comes to ask Betty for help getting a job at Mode.


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